Esquire Vs. W


Esquire has been the one magazine I’ve been aware of doing significant coverage of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. For example, the essay What I’ve Learned by Michael Wright was particularly striking. While it was originally published in the January 2002 issue, brought it to the surface once again for the 10th anniversary. This has been the only online version of all the magazines I’ve researched to place serious emphasis on 9/11 front and center. A slideshow at the top of the screen is clearly the focal point of the website today and three of the five stories featured are on the topic.

While is covering fashion week rather extensively, they have still made it a point to direct attention to today’s date. A round-up of 38 stories the magazine has published has been created that allows visitors to go through the archives and read stories about September 11th written over the past ten years. It was quite impressive.


Upon arriving at W magazine’s website, I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING relating to the anniversary. I tried to search for anything on topic and came up with zero results. Yes, W is a fashion magazine. But as a loyal subscriber, I did expect a bit more. Mind you, Esquire is a fashion magazine, too. Maybe I’m naive or maybe I’m just surprised because I’m actually seeking out something that just isn’t there. But if men can combine fashion and the anniversary of a significant tragedy in America, why can’t we?


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