Keeping Track of News

Note: this is a homework assignment for Dr. Barb. The rest of you- carry on.

Okay, so the idea of using all of these sites to help me keep track of news just seems way more overwhelming than trying to keep up with news in the first place. But. I will tell you how I personally enjoy staying up-to-date and what elements of these applications I did like.

1. Twitter 

This is, hands down, my favorite way to keep track of the various organizations I’m interested in. I like that it’s a constantly updated timeline of everything all in one place. SO EASY. And fun. Maybe if I used the list option to categorize the types of news I follow, I could have a more organized separation of the different types of news I’m receiving feed for. Despite the new options we’ve been introduced to, I think I may remain a stubborn supporter of Twitter.

2. BlogLovin’

This wasn’t on our list of ways to keep up, but I’ve used BlogLovin’ frequently in the past to keep track of the blogs I follow. You get to see all of the blogs to the left and then you’re given the number of posts you haven’t read yet. It’s really great if you have those days where you simply can’t go check everything, but then you won’t miss out on what you haven’t already read. It’s very easy to use, which is sort of crucial when it comes to these things.

3. Summify

I think I can really grow to love this app. For one, it’s visually appealing. Let’s not kid ourselves, aesthetics are important, especially when it comes to viewing things online. Yay, vanity. I’m still working on figuring this application out, but it puts Twitter feed on display in a way that makes it stand out more and easier to decipher tweet from tweet. It shows you what’s most significant (hopefully) or really what’s being discussed most frequently. Summify = trendy, pretty, organized news.

4. Google Alerts

I’ve always been a fan of Google Alerts. Always will be. I think this application will really come in handy on the posts I plan on doing every week about a new female artist (thanks, Dr. Barb). It keeps all your news in one place, while also allowing you to see what various outlets are reporting about a similar topic. So important in journalism to get every side of the story.

5. Twitterfall

It can get a little crazy, but I used this app to search for the general term “feminism” and found really great articles immediately. I think this will be best for quick ideas and help when you’re feeling uninspired.


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