Chicagotalks Tweeting

Note: This is a homework assignment for Dr. Barb. The rest of you- carry on.

For City Dwellers

The Chicagotalks Twitter account (@chicagotalks) covers topics that appeal to the general audience of Chicago as a whole, it seems. This information wouldn’t really be relevant to people living outside of Chicago.

Tweet More

I’m seeing a lot of use of the site Kachingle, which helps raise funds for free digital material for sites like Chicagotalks. While the concept is cool, it’s not really something I want to see on Twitter. Especially when the tweets are being updated only a couple times a day. I wouldn’t mind getting this feed if I was receiving more information from the account, overall.

I follow a lot of people and look for constant updates. That’s the fun part of Twitter- you’re always being presented with new topics, literally every minute. While there is definitely such a thing as too much updating, I’m still left wanting to know more. I can follow hundreds of people and I can get my information anywhere. Remind me why I’m following you.

Widely Appealing

What I do like about following Chicagotalks is that the topics are pretty varied. The majority of the accounts I personally follow cover specific areas of interest- fashion, feminism, poetry, music, etc. I follow big news outlets expecting specific issues to be addressed and discussed. Chicagotalks addresses very Chicago-centric topics and it makes it a more personal experience for the reader.

There’s civil issues, events and festivals. It seems to be covering stories that would otherwise fly under the radar.


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