Why @shitgirlssay is Actually Funny

The Twitter account, Shit Girls Say, was recently brought to my attention. It’s an anonymous account that I share two mutual followers with: Hello Giggles and Molly McAleer. What is it? Literally, things we say. And it’s hilarious.

Exhibit A: unrelated profile picture via @shitgirlssay


1. Credibility.

Because every single one of these tweets is something I’ve said (on multiple occasions) and probably continue to say. And if not, another female I’ve encountered at some point in my life has (lots).

Exhibit A: “No, you’re the best!”
Exhibit B: “What should I be for Halloween?”

2.  Accuracy.

These tweets aren’t ridiculous fabrications created to make you laugh, although they do. They’re mostly mundane things we say without any sort of thought. And that’s what makes it funny. People are awesome and, in fact, ridiculous all on their own.

Exhibit A: “I think I might be anemic.”
Exhibit B: “You should come!”

3. Bad habits make for excellent material.

Passive-aggressive (majorly loaded) tendencies with significant others. That’s all.

Exhibit A: “So, what are we then?”
Exhibit B: “Did I see that with you?”
Exhibit C: “But you already know that about yourself, so.”
Exhibit D: “Fine.”

4. Because they aren’t actually funny….

until a Twitter was created and forced you to look at all the things you say and think about the context in which you’ve said them.

Exhibit A: “I’m half excited and half scared.”
What it really means:
“I want to be excited, but there’s a high probability you might upset, offend, or let me down, so I’m going to add ‘scared’ in, too. Just in case.”

Exhibit B: “My stomach’s been bugging me again lately.”
What it really means:
“I feel fat this week and I know that doesn’t mean I AM, in fact, fat, but I feel that way and you should tell me how wonderful and flat my stomach actually is.”


One thought on “Why @shitgirlssay is Actually Funny

  1. 1. Three links
    2. No other links were necessary.
    3. The links navigated me to the named twitter accounts.
    4. I had a hard time understanding the front-load. I’m not sure how I would have reworded.
    5. Paragraphs were short.
    6. All of the bold lettering a bullets were confusing. I wasn’t sure if exhibits were different people or funny tweets.
    7. Yes. I think the picture used by @shitgirlssay is from, “The National Geographic: A Life Revealed.”
    8. Overall, this entry was good, but had a lot going on.

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