Because this will never get old

The Hairpin has been a big inspiration behind this blog, so it only seems fitting that I include one of their editor-in-cheif, Edith Zimmerman‘s ridiculously entertaining stories, such as this:

“Man Writes Unintentionally Hilarious List of Man ‘Secrets.'”

Visual example of what's on our minds. Via

Making fun of women’s magazines will eternally remain a favorite past-time of mine. So please do yourself a favor and read this collection of quotes by “man-blogger” Rich Santos, gathered from none other than Marie Claire.

You have the obvious and hilarious sexist remarks, such as “we wonder if you talk about anything other than boyfriends, shoes, bags, and reality TV.”

FYI: We do, but if that’s all you’re able to get out of a lady, I’m going to assume you’re super boring yourself.

You’ve also got the self-deprecating remarks like “it’s no secret that we don’t like to think,” to which Zimmerman simply responds with “:(.”

All in all, this is purely for entertainment purposes. I’m sure I could use Santos’ advice in the future as examples of gender bias and how sexism is still a prevalent issue in today’s society. Easily.


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