Exploring Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Magazine

A little while back I posted a link about notorious fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson‘s, new online magazine that would combine both fashion and feminism, Rookie.

A very personal "hello" for its visitors. Via rookiemag.com

Rookie is geared towards teenage girls and is a hub for writing, photography and illustration. It’s updated three times a day and posts anything from fiction and personal stories to pieces on music, fashion, and activism.

I may be 21, but this publication is still appealing and probably worth checking out.

The aesthetics alone are beautiful.

The site looks like torn out pages of personal journals or scrapbooks, reminiscent of Sofia Coppola’s adaptation of The Virgin Suicides.

And if the concept wasn’t intriguing enough, I saw on Twitter that the talented writer/actress/director, Miranda July, contributed a piece to the new e-zine, “Hands Off: My first feminist action.”

Obviously this creation is for a younger audience, but it’s really crucial that these girls have something like this to turn to. Gevinson has been a fashion icon since the age of 11, but she makes it clear that it’s possible to be interested in all sorts of things. Important things. Artistic things. Things with substance.


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