The Art of Being a Lady

What does it mean to be a “lady” in 2011? Obviously, that’s the entire mission of this blog and it can’t be answered in one entry.

Apprently, this is what a lady looks like. Via Etiquette for a Lady.

I’ve been following Etiquette for a Lady on Tumblr for a few weeks now in order to research what other girls/women think it means. I was hoping for clever, funny posts, similar to Esquire’s “The Rules.”

It seems like we’ve got a different kind of approach going on here.

A lot of what I’ve come across is super deep, Nicholas Sparks-esque words of wisdom. We’re talking more along the lines of advice and personal mantras, rather than characteristics someone who’s considered a “lady” might possess.

Some of this “etiquette” actually rhymes:

“It might seem like the hardest thing to do, but forget the guy who forgot about you.”

It also offers other moving bits of knowledge such as:

“When nothing goes right, turn left.”

Thanks so much. I’m sure we’ll all keep that in mind next time we wonder why the hell our entire world seems to be falling apart.

It’s been a let down. While there’s clearly a lot of people out there who enjoy following this Tumblr (over 20,000 to be exact), I can’t help but wonder what any of this has to do with being a girl, a woman, or lady nonetheless.


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