Why the “everywoman” is nothing like every woman

Cracked.com‘s Christina H. recently did a round-up of the six most obnoxious assumptions Hollywood makes about women.

She raises the question: What’s worse? Women being depicted as sex objects prancing around in heels all day, OR, women we’re supposed to relate to actually being silly stereotypes most of us want nothing to do with?

It’s kind of hard to decide.

The six assumptions were something like this:

Guess which lady is the "fat sister." Image via Cracked.com

1. We’re super concerned about being fat (and the definition of being fat in our eyes is, what, a size six?). See photo.

2. We don’t have legitimate reasons for getting angry.

3. Our regular, boring jobs don’t detract from our social lives.

4. We’re all catty, overly competitive bitches.

5. Being “clumsy” is the one flaw we could possibly stand seeing a leading lady possess.

6. We don’t really care about substance, so long as there’s pretty fashion to look at (Ex: Sex and the City 2).

“They way they treat somewhat ‘accurate’ stereotypes can be just as bad as their misses. Just because a lot of women identify with one thing doesn’t mean you can just throw that one thing on some woman characters and wait for the money to start rolling in,” says Christina.


Anyways, after reading all of this, it sort of seems like the ladies we’re supposed to relate to, when in reality we don’t, are actually more offensive than the sex kittens. We can at least categorize that action as being straight forward “sexism.” What’s harder to decipher is the inability to relate to “real” women in the movies that are supposed to be created specifically for us.


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