Rape Jokes and Facebook

Slate’s the XX Factor recently published an article asking if Facebook Should Ban Rape Jokes.

Maybe we could use one of these. Via Fivver.com

British women’s rights groups have been teaming up to get groups who post inappropriate jokes on their walls removed from the website.

“This is hate speech…I find it very disturbing that Facebook don’t appear to see the connection between pages such as this and the prevailing rape culture we have in our society,” says Jane Osmond, a UK organizer.

Slate doesn’t think the jokes that caused such outrage among the petitioners were all that bad. In fact, the writer referred to them as “mundane.” And it’s true. I did a bit of my own research and while yes, the commenters were inappropriate, a lot of it just seemed quite childish.

Facebook doesn’t want to give into censorship, but the ladies DO have a point. However, they have complete control over what stays on their pages. We’re all pretty aware of the fact that we have the option to delete whatever we want from our walls or the walls of groups we’ve created.

The only conclusion I can come to is that maybe it’s time these boys grow up.


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