We’re not always right

And for some, the inability to accept the fact that women are not always right when it comes to disagreements in relationships causes some men to be completely taken advantage of.

Double standards make it hard to tell what "too far" really means. Via The Good Men Project.

Ron Mattocks’ “When Men are the Victims of Abuse,” sheds light on this problem that’s a lot more common than you’d think.

In his personal account of being emotionally abused by his ex-wife, Mattocks explains his new-found anger management issues. During arguments, he’d find himself destroying objects in his surroundings, throwing glasses at the wall. He knew his behavior was unacceptable and also recognized that his own acting out could be classified as a form of abuse, too.

“I was terrified at the prospect of being a monster. That wasn’t me,” he says.

In order to stop his behavior, Mattocks would immediately back away from prospective fights.

“Finally, one night I snapped. On top of the marital stresses, there were problems at my job, but my wife didn’t want to hear about it. Instead she wanted to take issue with my emotional unavailability. Months of restrained frustration erupted as I grabbed her and screamed in her face to leave me alone.

I was immediately terrified. Until then, I had never laid a hand on anyone. Now I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Ashamed, I broke down and left. My wife, in turn, filed a domestic abuse report with the police, thus giving her all the ammunition she needed in proving I alone was to blame for our unhappy marriage,” Mattocks recalls.

Clearly, Mattocks is not the “monster” in this situation; however, that didn’t stop him from feeling that way. He responded inappropriately. But if it was the other way around- if he switched roles with his ex-wife- would it then be acceptable?


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