NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness a Marketing Scheme?

Thinking pink. Via

According to Aaron Gordon in his article for The Good Men Project, the NFL’s Think Pink support (which seems to be on steroids) may be so.

The NFL has decided to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month three years in a row now. Props to them, right? Many of the players can seriously relate to the cause on a personal level, having beloved ladies who’ve gone through their own battles.

The gentlemen have changed out their own equipment for pink versions, which are then auctioned off to raise money for the American Cancer Society and other various charities the teams are in support of.

So, is this all super awesome?


Is there a marketing tactic behind it? That answer also happens to be yes.

The idea behind it is that by promoting a cause that is held so closely by the female demographic, the NFL will ultimately be able to attract more female viewers as a result. You have to admit that it is sort of genius, but also in a sick and twisted way.

Cancer as a marketing tactic? It’s 2011 and anything is possible and nothing is off-limits. Of course, the argument is not that these players don’t actually care about breast cancer or raising awareness of the cause that has genuinely affected some of these men.

Rather, how far is too far when it comes to attracting a specific audience? The NFL is an incredibly successful business and ladies were certainly becoming more involved without such attempts to “relate” to them on such a drastic level.

So, is this a good thing? Or is it wrong?


2 thoughts on “NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness a Marketing Scheme?

  1. It is an EXCELLENT thing! Anyone who can promote a good cause and bring light to the bad situation that it is, no matter WHAT the reasons may be, is doing a good thing. This brings awareness and funds into something that desperately needs a cure! I applaud the NFL and those individuals that promote this!

  2. Promoting it isn’t the problem. I support that aspect 100%. What’s a bit ethically questionable is the thinking that by doing this, the NFL can attract more females to their audience, which makes cancer a marketing tactic.

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