Comparing #Occupy WallStreet to the SlutWalk Wave

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve most likely been seeing a lot of #occupywallstreet in your feed. Maybe what you haven’t seen a lot of coverage on is the new wave of protesting, fondly referred to as the SlutWalk.

So, what the f*** is a SlutWalk?

One generation, two very different causes. Via The Good Men Project.

A march in opposition of the belief that sexual assault is somehow the vitcim’s fault due to the nature of their dress. Chicago had a SlutWalk of its own on June 1st. I had planned on attending, but very regretfully backed out.

Rachel Rabbit White’s piece “A Day of #Occupy WallStreet and SlutWalk,” describes similarities between the two protests.

“Both protests are fighting a similar evil; of the same generation. A generation who wants better. And who are doing something to get it,” White says.

I highly recommend checking out White’s story in order to fully grasp what exactly is going on here.


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