Super Offensive T-shirts

Ellie Krupnick of the Huffington Post just posted this story on one t-shirt company that’s managed to take offending people to an entirely new level.

I feel like there’s always something in the news about another inappropriate t-shirt, but this time it really is a bit too much for a lot of people.

Jamrags, or “cotton for c*nts” as they refer to themselves, sells t-shirts featuring some of the following designs:

Offended yet? Via the Huffington Post.



Good times.



One thought on “Super Offensive T-shirts

  1. I agree, many of them ARE offensive, but haven’t you noticed that society today has been pushing toward enjoying bad news over good? We always watch BAD things in the news, we prop up shows that show how bad people can be, and it’s glamorized! We want to know when something BAD has happened to someone in Hollywood, and we waste money on magazines and movies about these people who are no more important that you and me, we spread gossip about things that are BAD with our friends……have you ever heard of GOOD gossip?

    The worst is political campaigns, which we are now in the season, and now see how they always run on how BAD a candidate is, and not what good he offers!

    Here is a t-shirt I find offensive:

    WE are the 99%! (YOU do not represent ME so don’t preport that you do!)

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