All the Single Ladies?

From the badass, single girl anthem. Via Tee MV.

As if the concept of marriage as a “market” wasn’t depressing enough…

Amanda Marcotte of Slate’s XX Factor was recently inspired by a piece published in the Atlanic, which discussed our society’s recent developments when it comes to relationship issues.

Marcotte criticizes the article if for no other reason than leaving her rather unconvinced. She chooses to take a more humanistic approach in addressing these incredibly personal issues.

One thing that can’t be ignored is that the data proves there are, in fact, more single women right now.


No, it’s not because the ladies of today think they’re too good for the available men out there. It’s not because we’re more successful and educated either, although we are actually becoming so. And it is also important to note that just because we check the “single” box on our tax forms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re alone.

We have boyfriends, boy things, hook up’s, relationships that can’t be categorized for whatever reason, etc.

What the f*** ever. We’re in relationships.

If you’d like some concrete answers, check out the article from the Atlantic.

But I’m on Marcotte’s side when it comes to just wanting to look at the men I choose to be in relationships with as men I enjoy spending my time with. I’m 21. I have no interest in analyzing your assets. I don’t see myself doing that when I’m 30 either.

I’ve heard that marriage is like a business partnership, which does make quite a lot of sense. But Marcotte, myself, and the countless other hopelessly romantic American citizens still exist.


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