Sexual Assault at Cleveland’s Occupy Protest

Public Square in Cleveland, OH. Via

I recently read an article that I personally found to be hilariously genius on discussing the possibility of using the Occupy Wall Street movement as a way to pick up ladies.

Super funny.

Then, I went and read an article that reported the alleged sexual assault of a protester at Occupy Cleveland.

Super f**ked up.

Due to a “tent shortage,” the 19-year-old was offered to share a space with the suspect. She went on to tell a teacher of the incident the following Monday, who informed authorities.

This is the sort of thing that leaves me completely confused. I mean, what can we really say about this? I think it’s awesome that our generation seems to be actually speaking their minds and fighting for things they believe in. It’s awesome to feel included in a time when change is being asked for and people are doing things to make it come about.

Maybe I’m naive, but I’ve always seemed to feel that protests and peacefulness should coincide with one another. Be loud and yell and write signs with vulgarity all you please, but don’t be violent.

So, why why why why why why why is this happening now?

I haven’t got any answers for you.


2 thoughts on “Sexual Assault at Cleveland’s Occupy Protest

    • Why would you assume that I’m not already aware of what the Tea Party is? The fact that this happened has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s political orientation. This isn’t a political issue, it’s the ongoing issue of violence against women.

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