Answering #LadiesWeWantAnswers

As you may or may not have noticed, a recent trending topic on Twitter was #LadiesWeWantAnswers. Since I took a brief hiatus from blogging, I found some inspiration from HelloGiggles and seized this excellent opportunity to return.

Apologies in advance, curious gentlemen.

@MannyMr_antoine asks, “What is wrong with women and wanting others “opening up” to them?”

Manny, nothing’s wrong with us. Some people happen to be more private than others and that’s fine. But if we wanted to have a conversation with, you know, a cereal box or something, we’d do it.

@bigpapi asks, “Women have been making sandwiches for centuries. How come these women can’t???”

Me. Right now. Via:

I don’t know, Papi. Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds and this is, like, a nice way of telling you that you’re getting kind of fat and we’d rather not contribute? It happens : (

@edg323 asks, “y do y’all fake like being good girls in the beginning but really hoes underneath?”

Obviously because we’re HOES, Eddie.  Don’t trust us.

@edg323 asks (again,) “y ask for advice and opinions and disagree with our results?”

Eddie, I personally don’t trust people who can’t spell “why,” but also, maybe it’s because you think we’re all hoes?

@JayWestEndClay asks, “y get dressed for attention den act like yall disrespected?”

A man friend of mine recently asked me if I even own anything that shows cleavage (No, what kind of a 21-year-old do you think I am?), so I might not be the most reliable source here, but bare with me.

Yeah, we want attention. What the hell is wrong with that? Nothing. My question to you, Jay, is when did wanting “attention” become an open invitation for harassment? See: Slut Shaming.

@No1butBakeDawg asks, “If you don’t tell us what you want, then how are we supposed to know?”
I have absolutely no idea. I’m 100% guilty. For super irrational reasons, it’s usually easier to expect men to have mystical mind-reading abilities and then get mad at them, rather than be a little vulnerable and admit what we need from someone when our feelings are hurt.

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