An Awful Way to Avoid Holiday Bitterness:

In an attempt to avoud this. Via The Bitter Stick Girl

Staying in a bad relationship.

If you’ve ever been single around this time of year (ME), you’re no stranger to the realization that it kind of really sucks. While most people are perfectly comfortable being alone, the holidays have the ability to emphasize that you are, in fact, solo.

So, in an attempt to avoid this feeling, people tend to stay together, even though it’s not in either person’s best interest. The Huffington Post’s Kristen Houghton, says “the thought of not being alone for a time of year when “everyone is with someone” is one reason” couples do this.

Another reason is that we get caught up in the whole “spirit of the season,” leading us to make promises we can’t keep and to question our judgment as to why we were unhappy with our significant other in the first place.

“The holidays bring a false hope to a relationship that both partners already know, and completely acknowledge, is over. The pleasantries of the season make you think that perhaps, just perhaps, you are being a bit hasty in ending the relationship,” Houghton says.

Yes, it’s awful and hard and depressing. But the holidays only sugarcoat reality. When it’s all over, you’re going to be greeted by your “real life” and find yourself, once again, in an unhappy relationship with the imperfections persisting.

Houghton concludes, “staying in a bad relationship just because it is the season of togetherness and presents is not the best solution to your problems. The misery of an unhappy partnership will only be prolonged if you make the choice to stay.”


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