If Women Controlled the Media?

"Where my ladies at?" Via Cision Blog

“Women hold only 3% of clout positions in the mainstream media.”     -Annenberg Public Policy Center, “The Glass Ceiling Persists”

The Huffington Post’s Nell Scovell along with Gloria Steinem created a list of 15 ways the media would change if women were the one’s holding 97% of the power.

Some highlights:

4. Violence against women would be the subject of lead news stories, not just opening teasers for crime shows.

9. No more reporters would appear in CNN “human holograms.” They’re not sexist, just stupid.

10. Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel wouldn’t be the only Late Night hosts with boobs.

14. Esquire’s new annual issue: “Women We Don’t Necessarily Love — But We Respect.”

15. Men would never stop complaining that 3% was a ridiculously low number and they were being discriminated against. Women in power would listen… and agree… and do everything they could to help men achieve equality.

Obviously, the ladies created this list with a sense of humor, but on a serious note, what do you think would be different if women were in control?


2 thoughts on “If Women Controlled the Media?

  1. Having a female as our President would be awesome, obviously. But that’s not going to solve all of “women’s issues.” That’s like people who claim they can no longer be considered racist simply because of Obama being elected.Things like having more over impact in the media would definitely help. Lots of things can help and provide a significant amount of influence and change. I think it’s important to look at all of this as a whole and not to place all of our focus on a single mission.

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