“What does feminism mean to you?”

I asked twelve people this question and here’s what they said:

1. “Feminism means correcting inequality among the sexes. Encouraging women to have the confidence to address the social injustices they witness.” -Chi Luu-Tran, 21

Chi. Photo by Bethany Richard

2. “It means that I am NOT a man-hating, non-shaving, non-make-up wearing, bull dyke (not that there’s anything wrong with that- just commenting on the stereotype). It means I’m strong and independent. That I don’t want to take anything from men, just that I want equality. I don’t hate men, in fact, I quite like them. I shave bc I hate hair. I wear makeup bc I do it for ME. I believe I have the right to do what I want to with my body, and that ALL women have that right… I am what a feminist looks like.” -Julie Beamer

Personal photo of Julie.

3. “The freedom, regardless of gender, to be the best you can be and to accomplish as much as you can without artificial boundaries.” -Sandra Allen

Sandra. Photo by Bethany Richard

4. “Feminism, to me, is the radical idea that women are people, too. It’s not about power- either men preserving their long-held stranglehold or women becoming chest-beating Amazons. It’s just the inconceivable idea that we’re people and should be treated as such. No rigid gender roles. Equal treatment in the workplace, mutual respect. ” -Chris Corlew, 23

5. “Trying to help women go forward and to better the future. Some feminists want to say ‘fuck men,’ but in general, it’s pretty good.” -Gabriel Figueroa

Gabriel. Photo by Bethany Richard

6. “Women trying to gain equal rights beside men. Not trying to be more powerful- it’s about equality. Not being stereotyped as a delicate flower. Having the opportunity to be defined as whatever type of woman we want to be.” -Kamilah Jones

Kamilah. Photo by Bethany Richard

7. “Not thinking your sex is better than its counterpart, but believing you possess enough strength in your own body, as a woman, to make up for the entire opposite sex!” -Carrie McCarthy, 21

8. “When I think of the world ‘feminism,’ I think of women wanting equal rights and equality.” -Ryan McKiddy, 20

9. “Feminism is an intersectional movement that works for the elimination of sexism, homophobia, ‘genderism,’ racism, ableism, ‘religionism,’ transphobia, classism and every other ism that you can think of. It works to create egalitarian relationships between men and women both on personal levels and professional ones. It encourages the ideology of power with someone instead of power over someone. Feminism is about choice and options in the way you decide to live your life. Feminism works from a place of empowerment, and recognizes that when the marginalized are empowered they can heal themselves, move forward and create change.” -Provvidenza Catalano

10. “A woman fighting for her rights, while looking glamorous.” -Dolly Sintich, 24

Dolly. Photo by Bethany Richard

11.”To me, Feminism means being able to stand alone as an independent woman, breaking away from the stereotypes that have clung to woman for a very long time. It is about fighting for equality both in the professional world and in your personal life. Feminism means breaking away from typical stereotypes that woman should cook and stay home and raise children. Females can be CEOs of big companies, we can wear the pants in relationships, and we can have a voice. Feminism is NOT about being dominant, superior, or the often misconstrued supremacy where men can not hold doors and we hate men. It is about making this world equal and fair for both sexes.” -Heather LaVallee, 20

12. “A movement created for women by women for empowerment.” -Candelaria Rosales, 23

Candelaria. Photo by Bethany Richard


3 thoughts on ““What does feminism mean to you?”

  1. I believe many people have it wrong when they describe feminism. The stereotypes out there are unbelievable!

    Some of the best “feminists” that I know, or see out there in society are Christian, conservative women who not only understand what they want in life, but also embrace whatever they are and God’s plan for them!

  2. Do you feel that these people’s responses weren’t accurate then? What do you think the stereotypes of feminists are?

    Also, other than being Christian, conservative, and accepting of God’s plan, what do you think a woman needs to do to in order to be considered a good “feminist?” I personally don’t feel that religion has anything to do with this topic.

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