The Lady Hooters

The all-male staff.

Mies Container, the restaurant that is said to be “Hooters for women,” has been receiving some extensive coverage from the media lately.  Located in Seoul, South Korea, it features an all-male staff with an atmosphere closely resembling a factory/construction site.

In an attempt not to look through a Western perspective, why exactly was this theme chosen? Clearly, it fulfills that rugged, dirty fantasy some women must lust after. But why didn’t they go for the whole male stripper-esque/cheerleader thing the real Hooters has going on?

An unidentified manager said the following of Mies Container:

“By simulating the concept and design system of a male-only working space of a construction site, and showing a very masculine enthusiasm and passion we wanted to appeal to young women who comprise an important consumer base. We don’t discriminately hire staff based on their looks but we are focusing on hiring those with energy and masculinity. We agree to some extent about the comparison to Hooters.”

For one thing, it certainly supports the stereotype that men must be “macho” in order to be viewed as real men. This is the sort of pressure that leads to trouble, similar to the way women struggle with body image, deciphering proper levels of feminism, and double standards when it comes to having sex.

Taking a step back, the concept of Mies Container is supposed to be fun. Twenty-something Korean girls seem to be enjoying it. If something similar were to come to America with a Chippendale male staff, the ladies would probably love it here, too.

So, go do your “thing,” boys.


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