I’m currently listening to a playlist called “White Rapperz,” so…


I know that this originated as a feminist blog and then became my homework blog, but this time around you can expect something a bit different. I’m thinking a combination of my original coverage of women’s issues, combined with… pointless pop culture in the style of White Girl Problems, maybe?? I just need something a bit lighter.

I used to wear make-up every day and do my hair and have really well-planned out outfits, but I’ve since replaced those with yoga pants, wife beaters and messy buns Monday through Friday from 8-5 because I graduated and now I work from home, which is SUPER glamourous. I transform into the former version of myself on weekends and the rare week night for lots of dancing and Bud Light with lime. So it’s only fitting that my blog changes now, too.


That’s “White Rapperz” on the right with me as her semi-formal date.

Basically, this is what’s going on. I’m listening to this playlist because my best friend made it and she’s cool enough to make me get into artists like MGK and Mac Miller, which is really ironic if you know me. My boyfriend is also cooler than me and is in New York City right now, so I’m alone in our apartment doing things like reviving my old blog and wearing pajamas all day. PS: they graduate in May. Hire them!

Anyways, here’s a video of the Backstreet Boys doing the Harlem Shake. Enjoy.


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