Why I’m Okay with the Victoria’s Secret PINK Spring Break Campaign


Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to controversy. They’ve offended both Native American and Asian cultures in the past year alone. But recently they’ve been getting a lot of negative feedback on their spring break campaign “Bright Young Things,” and honestly, people- get over it.

According to Styleite,

Certain moms are claiming that the company is trying to lure teens and tweens with the ads, and that the product offerings — lacy thongs and panties with “Call Me”, “Wild”, and “Feeling Lucky” scrawled across the fabric — seek to inappropriately sexualize young customers.

Victoria’s Secret PINK is geared towards girls in college- to which none of this is even remotely inappropriate for that age group. Of course, younger girls are fans of the line as well and this is where things may seem a bit too racy for that specific age group.

But let me put things into perspective for you. When I was younger, Abercrombie & Fitch was under a lot of criticism for selling THONGS in its abercrombie kids stores. Literally a children’s store. Which I agree was totally uncool. And then it happened again a couple years back with push up bikini tops for girls. All of that is unnecessary and if I were a mom I’d be mad too.

The difference between abercrombie kids and Victoria’s Secret PINK is that one is a children’s store and one is geared towards college chicks. To me, the photos look more cutesy and Tumblr-ish as opposed to racy and sexual. And as for the models, they look youthful, but more in a twenty-something woman kind of way than child-like.

If I’m going to be mad about something here, I’ll be mad about Victoria’s Secret models being too skinny still, which can lead to unrealistic ideals and body image issues for the girls who aspire to look like them.

Aside from that, if your 14-year-old wants to wear Victoria’s Secret PINK, I say go for it. Teach your daughter to respect herself and her body, educate her on sex and birth control, focus on bringing her up right and empowering her to be a strong and independent woman. When shopping at VS, leave the tacky “Feeling Lucky” undies for the older, tackier college girls and opt for the bling-ed out sweats and tank tops instead, if that’s what you’re into.

Check out some of the images from the campaign below.








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