Bright Young Things: Part 2

You guys. I wrote about how silly everyone was being when it came to the Victoria’s Secret “Bright Young Things” collection. Well, the Huffington Post just published a response that might be even sillier than the initial outcry.

According to the writer, this is what girls are actually trying to express through the writing on their undies.


Victoria’s Secret:

The “REAL” Meaning:
slide_288688_2271185_freeI find it insulting that ladies can’t have some “fun” slogan on their butts just because they want to (Although I will note that all of my lingerie is sans-writing. Not my style.) But girls with writing on your underwear- YOLO! Do your thing!! More power to you.

Why does it have to mean something more ? And why does this underwear tell us we’re only wearing cute lingerie because we need for people (or men) to help us learn to value ourselves? WHAT.

I find it so frustrating that its automatically assumed that women who opt for flirtatious items such as these from the PINK collection are being marked as insecure victims of society. If a girl picks out a pair of underwear with “Call Me” written on the butt, I can assure you, she has a good amount of self-esteem and confidence within.

Is it not realistic that maybe we choose to buy the things we do, dress the way we do and present ourselves in the manner we do, simply because we want to? I know I’m not the only one who is comfortable enough in her own skin to think like this. Yes, girls and women should value themselves and respect their bodies. Obviously. But they should also be comfortable with their sexuality. Being flirty and fun or sexy or even promiscuous doesn’t have to equal a lack of value for oneself. It’s just her choice. The important thing is that she does the things she do because she wants to.


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