Save Teen Lives: The MStar Foundation Needs Your Help


Michelle Sanderbeck, 15

This picture was the last one she left us with on her MySpace page. The caption read “When you left I lost a part of me,” which at the time, were lyrics from Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together.” She had no idea how much more those words would mean to us.

On March 4, 2006, one of my beloved friends was killed in a careless car accident. It wasn’t alcohol related, the driver wasn’t on drugs- instead, he was simply reckless (and stupid) and left a million broken pieces behind due to his actions.

Instead of staying in the shadows with their grief, Ray and Debbie Sanderbeck- a second family to me- created the Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation, or “MStar,” in order to save teen lives.


Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation was established by the family of Michelle Lee Sanderbeck in 2006. With the purpose of reducing the number of teenage deaths in America and to honor the life of Michelle Lee Sanderbeck and all others whose lives were claimed by Teen Drivers.

We know that with our combined efforts, we will make a difference in keeping our children/teens safe.

The Sanderbeck family has already played an incredible role in improving teen driving in the state of Ohio, but now they need your help. We’re in jeopardy of losing the special MStar Foundation license plates they worked so hard for. Another 350 plates need to sell this year to prevent them from going away. Proceeds of the plates go towards funding better driving programs in the state of Ohio.


Please consider purchasing one and sharing this video with others:


In loving memory of Michelle Lee Sanderbeck

Michelle My Belle


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