Akron, Ohio: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

I’m not sure that there’s ever been a time in my life where I’ve missed living in Ohio more than this. Because on Friday April 26th, you guys have the opportunity to hang out and walk for an excellent cause with cool people like this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.35.55 PM


The 8th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is for everybody- men, women, teenagers and children from Summit County and the surrounding communities (MEDINA! Represent). Walk through downtown Akron to protest rape, sexual assault and gender violence- causes that can never have even light shed on them.

My favorite part?

Men are encouraged (but not required) to walk in women’s shoes.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.36.06 PM

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties. The walk is scheduled to begin at 6 PM with registration starting at 5 PM in Downtown Akron (Lock 3).

little kid

“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes provides an opportunity for the community to stand together against sexual assault and to raise awareness about this violent crime. Even though the original idea emphasizes men’s involvement, their partners, sisters, mothers and friends often join in too” said Dave Rich, WAMIHS planning committee member. Started in 2001 by Frank Baird Walk a Mile in Her Shoes has grown to become an internationally recognized event. Dave states that “men wobbling in heels or fuzzy pink slippers on downtown Akron sidewalks can be pretty amusing but the cause they are marching for is quite serious. While sexual assault has traditionally been viewed as a women’s issue the reality is that sexually violent crimes have no boundaries and affect us all. Statistics show us that approximately 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males will be affected by sexual violence in their lifetime.” Akron’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is in its 8th year and is quickly becoming a unique tradition in the Akron community.

the march 5

Start a fundraising team today and help to fight gender violence one step at a time!

Help the Rape Crisis Center raise money by donating here.

To start your own team, click here.

Contact Dana Zedak at 330-777-4723 or DanaZ@scmcbws.org with any questions if you prefer not to register online. 


Hello Sailor!

California-based Wildfox is about to take you back to the 1950s with a modern twist for their Summer 2013 “Hello Sailor” collection. The ladies behind the brand always embrace the importance of beautiful aesthetic detail and Kim Gordon’s styling for this particular lookbook is so cool beyond words. She also incorporated puppies into the shoot, so there’s that for any non-belivers.

“One of the most iconic images that exude confidence and femininity is none other than the 1950s pin-up girl. The vintage artwork is still used to showcase beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, which embodies the same cheeky and outgoing personality of a Wildfox girl.”

Here’s some of the fabulous, retro-inspired looks from Wildfox’s Summer 2013 collection.











View the lookbook in its entirety here.

Prepping Yourself for Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”

In case you live under a rock, The Bling Ring is FINALLY coming out this summer. I’m sure the anticipation is really overwhelming, so to tide you over, here is a comprehensive checklist of things to do in the meantime.

1. First, watch the trailer. Thank Sleigh Bells for the gift that is “Crown on the Ground.” Repeat as desired.

2. While simultaneously reading Nancy’s Jo’s Vanity Fair piece, “The Suspects Wore Louboutins.” Journalism at its best and you can trust me because that’s what my degree is in.


3. If you feel the need, you can then check out Law & Order: LA Season 1: Episode 1 “Hollywood,” which is loosely based on the events that took place.


4. But more importantly, watch all of Pretty Wild on Netflix. Whether or not you even care about the upcoming movie, I assure you this series is time well spent. Hours. Of. Entertainment. Endlessly trashy. You’re welcome.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

tumblr_mjy6h2uOjL1rm8a1eo1_500 tumblr_mjy6h2uOjL1rm8a1eo2_500

5. Read up on all of TMZ’s coverage of the crimes here. Again, more groundbreaking journalism. And unflattering mug shots!


6. Finally, here is some wardrobe inspiration so you can totally look the part:


Hey Boy,

I used to think you were the cute one.

I know I shouldn’t have high expectations for you to be a gentleman. And I know you’ve already been called out by, oh, everyone. But I’m just curious as to what the thought process was behind throwing down “actin’ like I’m raping it” in your awful new single? Super curious.

I’m glad that you changed your reaction to our disapproval from accusing everyone to overreacting to what appears to be a sincere apology. Maybe take a portion of the millions you’ve somehow managed to acquire and educate yourself. Just a thought.

Recovering from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I survived the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

So let’s talk about unrealistic standards.

We know that Photoshop’s always getting people into trouble. Altering images to make women more aesthetically pleasing has been f**king with men and women’s perception of beauty for quite some time now. Even my beloved Audrey Hepburn was retouched.

By now you’d think that women have learned to accept that we’re not all going to look like this:

Yay. Via StyleBistro

While looking like lovely, emaciated giraffes isn’t in the cards for most women, for some unknown reason, we still tend to look to girls of this caliber to define “beautiful” for us.

I’ve done a lot of research on the terrifying world of online teenage eating disorder support groups, featuring girls sharing “thinspiration” and success stories. I suggest you check it out for yourself. Just a warning, this world is bizarre, twisted, and incredibly heartbreaking.

I’m asking you to look into this subculture to see the result- the serious impact- this kind of pressure has created.

In case you need to be reminded that you’re enough, remember the infamous words of encouragement from Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, and TLC and visit Operation Beautiful.

If Women Controlled the Media?

"Where my ladies at?" Via Cision Blog

“Women hold only 3% of clout positions in the mainstream media.”     -Annenberg Public Policy Center, “The Glass Ceiling Persists”

The Huffington Post’s Nell Scovell along with Gloria Steinem created a list of 15 ways the media would change if women were the one’s holding 97% of the power.

Some highlights:

4. Violence against women would be the subject of lead news stories, not just opening teasers for crime shows.

9. No more reporters would appear in CNN “human holograms.” They’re not sexist, just stupid.

10. Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel wouldn’t be the only Late Night hosts with boobs.

14. Esquire’s new annual issue: “Women We Don’t Necessarily Love — But We Respect.”

15. Men would never stop complaining that 3% was a ridiculously low number and they were being discriminated against. Women in power would listen… and agree… and do everything they could to help men achieve equality.

Obviously, the ladies created this list with a sense of humor, but on a serious note, what do you think would be different if women were in control?

An Awful Way to Avoid Holiday Bitterness:

In an attempt to avoud this. Via The Bitter Stick Girl

Staying in a bad relationship.

If you’ve ever been single around this time of year (ME), you’re no stranger to the realization that it kind of really sucks. While most people are perfectly comfortable being alone, the holidays have the ability to emphasize that you are, in fact, solo.

So, in an attempt to avoid this feeling, people tend to stay together, even though it’s not in either person’s best interest. The Huffington Post’s Kristen Houghton, says “the thought of not being alone for a time of year when “everyone is with someone” is one reason” couples do this.

Another reason is that we get caught up in the whole “spirit of the season,” leading us to make promises we can’t keep and to question our judgment as to why we were unhappy with our significant other in the first place.

“The holidays bring a false hope to a relationship that both partners already know, and completely acknowledge, is over. The pleasantries of the season make you think that perhaps, just perhaps, you are being a bit hasty in ending the relationship,” Houghton says.

Yes, it’s awful and hard and depressing. But the holidays only sugarcoat reality. When it’s all over, you’re going to be greeted by your “real life” and find yourself, once again, in an unhappy relationship with the imperfections persisting.

Houghton concludes, “staying in a bad relationship just because it is the season of togetherness and presents is not the best solution to your problems. The misery of an unhappy partnership will only be prolonged if you make the choice to stay.”

Surprise! Harassment Addressed.

Being a small 21-year-old woman living in Chicago, I tend to be an “easy target.”

Which means I’m well-aware that sexual harassment is a serious issue. We’re talking countless personal experiences. From annoying cat calls and unwanted pick-up attempts, to the more extreme, like being masturbated to on the train (three times) or having a co-worker shove his “area” into me during a shift.

It’s an issue. And I’m sure every other female living anywhere in America, or the rest of the world, has experienced this on some level.

So, when I came across this article in the Christian Science Monitor, I was sort of dumbfounded. Especially when I discovered the writer is an expert and published author on this very topic.

The Four Key Steps to Put Harassment to an End (apparently) are:

1. Acknowledge that street harassment is not a compliment.

2. Give girls and women real help. Teach them empowering, assertive responses, self-defense, and how to report harassers.

3. Focus on potential and current harassers.

4. We need to change the society that lets street harassment occur.

My initial reaction was just sort of “Well, yeah?” I understand that this story was probably intended to be a general “this is what’s up” piece. But don’t we already know?

The writer requests, “if you care about the current and next generation of girls, if you support equality, if you believe in human decency, then don’t sit by. Do something.”

Of course.

It’s crucial to educate girls on the subject of harassment. It’s important to teach them about respect and empowerment. Girls and women should, in fact, all know self-defense. These steps are not necessarily wrong.

Especially #4: We need to change the society that lets street harassment occur. Thank you. Now please elaborate on how this can be done. Because the fact that you have to ask us not to sit by and to do something is what’s most terrifying.

Sexual Assault at Cleveland’s Occupy Protest

Public Square in Cleveland, OH. Via CleveScene.com

I recently read an article that I personally found to be hilariously genius on Cracked.com discussing the possibility of using the Occupy Wall Street movement as a way to pick up ladies.

Super funny.

Then, I went and read an article that reported the alleged sexual assault of a protester at Occupy Cleveland.

Super f**ked up.

Due to a “tent shortage,” the 19-year-old was offered to share a space with the suspect. She went on to tell a teacher of the incident the following Monday, who informed authorities.

This is the sort of thing that leaves me completely confused. I mean, what can we really say about this? I think it’s awesome that our generation seems to be actually speaking their minds and fighting for things they believe in. It’s awesome to feel included in a time when change is being asked for and people are doing things to make it come about.

Maybe I’m naive, but I’ve always seemed to feel that protests and peacefulness should coincide with one another. Be loud and yell and write signs with vulgarity all you please, but don’t be violent.

So, why why why why why why why is this happening now?

I haven’t got any answers for you.